Church Bulletin

Don’t freak out, it’s not a real blog post. We laugh frequently about how tough it is to produce the bulletin. Everyone’s a critic and no one reads it (hyperbole is noted). Enjoy this little bit of ‘Pearls Before Swine’ that I found taped to my chair when I arrived at the office today.

Power Neutral Systems, Part 2

[L]ast time I covered the body of Christ implications of power neutral systems. This time I’d like to spend a few words on the idea of mutual submission. The idea of unity is a huge part of the vision for Christianity. Paul covers it at length in many of his writings. Heres a couple sectionsContinue Reading

Power Neutral Systems, Part 1

Unlike previous items where I’ve mentioned one key of healthy systems per post, I’m going to have to break this one up over several to adequately communicate my ideas. We’re now up to the fourth of six keys for healthy church systems that I laid out in an earlier post. The topic of power neutralContinue Reading

Culturally Appropriate

This is probably the one of these points that doesn’t need as much explanation as others. In order to be successful, the church system needs to match the culture of the community around it. Now, it could be argued that the system needs to match the culture of the church. However, for a church toContinue Reading

Appropriate Levels of Complexity

Complexity is probably one the most important factors in church organization, yet it is one that is rarely talked about. A system that is too complex or is not complex enough will not meet the needs of the church. I was first introduced to the concept of organizational complexity by way of Mike Armour’s workContinue Reading

Back from Summer Camp

After starting this series on church organization, I mysteriously disappeared into the nether regions leaving you all hanging in suspense. After finishing my week at the residency session for the conflict program at Abilene Christian University, I flew back home on Saturday, mowed the lawn, did some laundry, got up Sunday and taught my classContinue Reading

Flexible Systems

Different churches need different types of organizational systems. I think most of us would agree to that. For example, a local church without elders for qualification reasons is no less of a church than the large church with dozens of elders. However, different organization systems are required for each one. One area of organization thatContinue Reading


I’ve wondered if anyone is actually reading these posts because of the lack of comments, but I’ve received some feedback outside of the blog… in real life… that makes me think that isn’t the case. Please feel free to leave comments and join in the discussion. Even if you disagree or are afraid you don’tContinue Reading

The Makings of a Good System

There are nearly infinite versions of organizational systems that can be found to frame churches around. Some are traditional/pragmatic, such as having elders make decisions or using ‘men’s business meetings’. Some are progressive/research based and are introduced after serious study of culture and organization. Some are simply marketing tools generated to sell books or capitalizeContinue Reading

Origen’s Thoughts on Holiness

Moved by Origen’s thoughts on holiness this morning. Origen lived from 185 a.d. to around 254 a.d. Origen was the first second-generation leader among the early church fathers. His father was martyred around 203 a.d. Origen spent most of his time as the headmaster of a school for Christian converts in Alexandria, North Africa. “ThereContinue Reading