A New Look

A New Look

In keeping with the substantive changes occurring with my blog, I decided to use a new WordPress tool to redesign the site as well. Something about it doesn’t feel quite right, but I know all the essentials are here. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Redeeming the Time…

The last several weeks have been crazy for us. Our third-born child turned 13 this week. My brother in law had surgery yesterday. The appelant brief in my niece’s custody hearing were filed. In just a few short weeks, our oldest graduates high school. In Michigan that means that you have to throw an ‘openContinue Reading

I know how this guy feels!

Seeing as how this is the view out my back door today: I totally know how this guy feels: Somebody get me a burger!

Redemption of the Image of God

I’ve always been intrigued by the imagery that is associated with the God Shaped Hole philosophy. I think most people are interested in the idea, which helped spawn books and songs that cover the topic. The philosophy in summary form is pretty simple. Inside each of us there is a space that only God canContinue Reading

Moments of Redemption

Occasionally we are blessed to capture glimpses of redemption in the midst of our busy lives. Redemption is a process of the old and worn being reclaimed for a higher purpose, but every now and then there are moments when time seems to stop for just a second and the process of redemption reveals itsContinue Reading

The redemption of hugging

The redemption of hugging

A few days ago I blogged about an incredible revelation I had while walking my dog. That post was one of my most popular ever! Thanks for the great feedback! I’ve been trying the Sadie Experiment for about a week now, and I already have some observable outcomes to report on. First, just like Sadie,Continue Reading

Filled With The Spirit

I’m working on Sunday’s lesson as part of our Basic Christianity series. This week it is ‘Living By The Spirit’. Thanks to an exposure to a hilarious video that opened a 2006 worship conference, I am unable to think about The Spirit without thinking about being ‘Filled with the Spirit’. Watch and enjoy. Now doContinue Reading

Learning Servant Leadership from a Dog

I had one of those epiphany moments this morning as I walked the dog. Of course, in Michigan at this time of year it is still more like sledding with the dog. Walking in early March adds a degree of difficulty as well since there will be some snow and ice melt during the dayContinue Reading

Redeeming Christianity

Is that a presumptuous title or what? For the last few years I’ve been engaged in some separate studies that have come together in a surprising way. One of the great benefits of being in full time ministry is the time I get to spend in study and research. The pressure to present it adequatelyContinue Reading


This blog has languished for the last several years. I’ve tried to revive it periodically by focusing on some particular item or theme, but it’s never held up. I have no idea if I’ll be able to stick with it this time, but I do know one thing. It is time for redemption. It’s hitContinue Reading