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I’ve wondered if anyone is actually reading these posts because of the lack of comments, but I’ve received some feedback outside of the blog… in real life… that makes me think that isn’t the case. Please feel free to leave comments and join in the discussion. Even if you disagree or are afraid you don’tContinue Reading

Who Goes To Heaven?

Wife and I went to a wedding at a beautiful church a couple weekends ago. I have a habit of reading other church’s literature, and when I find something really good I’ll borrow it and integrate it into what we’re using. At this church, however, I found some very curious items in their material, particularlyContinue Reading

Favorite Commercials – Just for fun!

Just for fun, I thought it would be nice to play a couple of my favorite commercials for you. These are crazy! I was in high school when they came out, and I honestly think they are a formative part of my sense of humor (which will explain a lot, including why I laugh whenContinue Reading

The Word of God, Part 1

New Poll – What version of the Bible do you use. Vote at my blog sidebar. I’ve been an avid fan of the New International Version just about as long as I can remember. I received a copy of the KJV when I was baptized as a child, but the youth minister was using NIVContinue Reading

Mothers Day?

An online aquaintance of mine posted this on Twitter today. What do you think? “I appreciate Mother’s Day, but I also think if you’re not saying something Jesus had to die for you to say, you’re not preaching.”

“Through” – Romans 5

Brian and I are currently preaching through Romans, and I get to cover chapter 5. It’s been a challenge to cover a chapter a week, especially from this thick, rich work. I think we’re doing okay, though. As I was studying chapter 5, I kept noticing how frequently the word “through” showed up. By myContinue Reading

Accepting Grace

Brian and I have been working through a series on our church’s mission and vision.  I was blessed to have the opportunity to address the third point in our vision: we will be a community for accepting grace. Lot’s of good feedback on the sermon, particularly the video. For those looking for the video, hereContinue Reading

Shepherd Nominations

This really isn’t following where I wanted to go, but part of the slowness of posting has been because of an increase in church stuff to handle, which really is a blessing. We’re currently in the process of trying to appoint additional shepherds, which we desperately need, and while we’re not having the evangelists doContinue Reading

A New Testament Church?

My particular spiritual heritage is one that is based on trying to restore the church of the 1st century following Christ’s death. When thinking about church conceptually, I frequently step back and look at what we’ve accomplished compared to the goal of restoring a New Testament church. Honestly, I don’t think we’ve done a veryContinue Reading

The paradox of the visible/invisible church

One of the biggest challenges I’ve experienced with church is the overlap between the spiritual and the physical.  Ideally, everything in church is a spiritual matter.  However, there are lots of places that physical separates from the spiritual at its core.  What color should the song books be?  Should we have song books?  What typeContinue Reading