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A New Look

A New Look

In keeping with the substantive changes occurring with my blog, I decided to use a new WordPress tool to redesign the site as well. Something about it doesn’t feel quite right, but I know all the essentials are here. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Post Modern Delay

Thursday and Friday were crazy busy for me, so I was unable to get to part four on postmodernism.  For a postmodern, it wouldn’t matter much.  For all my modernist readers, however, the unexpected change could cause some internal tension. Part of the delay was in the changes we’ve made in our auditorium this week. Continue Reading

Leadership Retreat

I depart today for an overnight retreat for the elders and ministers of our congregation.  It promises to be a great time, and the scheduled discussion should be both deep and meaningful.  Since I leave in about four hours, I’m going to keep this entry short and get on with other business, like taking myContinue Reading

Bibles and Browsers

At some point last night while working on a problem Patrick Mead was having on his blog (it’s fixed… I think), I realized an odd similarity that exists between web browsers and Bible translations.  We all have our favorites.  Some prefer the NIV, some the KJV, NLT, NASB, RSV, etc.  Some prefer Firefox, others InternetContinue Reading

Oscar Gets an Upgrade

I upgraded our Spanish minister’s computer today.  We’d done everything we could to revive his old pc.  After the third reinstall of the operating system, we finally gave up and purchased a new one.  Of course, knowing me and my love for the Apple computer, I convinced Oscar that he really wanted an Apple.  ThisContinue Reading

MacWorld 2007 – Today!

Today is a very big day for Apple fans.  It is the day of Steve Jobs keynote presentation at MacWorld 2007.  The keynote presentation is where all of the product announcements for the upcoming year are revealed.  Apple is amazingly tight-lipped about what they are working on as far as new products go, so thisContinue Reading

Random Encounters

My connections with TheoBloggers, the co. that hosts this blog and several others, puts me in contact with really interesting people around the world.  People I am sure that I would never have come in contact with had I not been a part of the blogging world.   As such, I’d like to welcome PatrickContinue Reading

Great Windows Vista Review

I usually take Saturday off from blogging, but since I really owe my readers a few posts for the last few weeks I figure I would make up for it by simply giving you this great link to a video review of Windows Vista.  Please understand that the guy is speaking sarcastically, which becomes evidentContinue Reading

Special Saturday Edition

Brad, the dryer is running but it isn’t heating. That’s the way I ended my Friday night.  Like most people (er, men maybe), I had a series of thoughts that went through my head.  The first was, "What did you do to it?"  See, that just wasn’t right.  Why was that my first thought?  WhyContinue Reading

Firefox 2

For those of you who haven’t made the switch to Firefox from Internet Explorer, please just give up, visit, and install the software.  It is amazingly easy to use and is highly featured.  It makes the web sites you are viewing show up better, and has a ton of free add-on programs you canContinue Reading