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Blessings of Giving

Royce Ogle’s comment about the need for teachings about blessings got me to thinking a little bit.  What are the blessings that come from giving?  Are there tangible, monetary blessings one can receive or are they strictly spiritual, warm and fuzzy on the inside blessings?  It’s funny that we don’t spend more time teaching about giving.  I think it is because we know we can’t preach health and wealth but we don’t know what to replace it with.  I can’t think of an area in our Christian walk where faith and the physical are so clearly involved with each other while at the same time seeming to be so diametrically opposite of each other.

So, what are they?  What are the reasons we should give money to the church? 

New Year’s Resolutions

Earlier this week, Randy Wray made a little post about New Year’s Resolutions that got me to thinking about a common experience we share. The tradition in most churches is to have a budget presentation at the end or beginning of each year.  Different churches follow different procedures on this, but the tradition in ArlingtonContinue Reading

Budget by Faith

‘Tis mid October, and that means that most churches that work on a January through December budget are doing two things right now.  First, they are looking at how much money they have left for the rest of the year and what they still need to spend.  Second, they are looking forward to next yearContinue Reading