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Appropriate Levels of Complexity

Complexity is probably one the most important factors in church organization, yet it is one that is rarely talked about. A system that is too complex or is not complex enough will not meet the needs of the church. I was first introduced to the concept of organizational complexity by way of Mike Armour’s workContinue Reading

Flexible Systems

Different churches need different types of organizational systems. I think most of us would agree to that. For example, a local church without elders for qualification reasons is no less of a church than the large church with dozens of elders. However, different organization systems are required for each one. One area of organization thatContinue Reading

Jethro II

As a response to the development of Theory Y and the increased focus on individuals within society, Jethro II emerged as a new take on an organizational system designed by Moses’ father-in-law thousands of years ago. The difference was significant: The most important part of the system is the individual. Now, it is easy toContinue Reading

Theory X and Theory Y

Some of you may have guessed that the failure with Jethro I was that it didn’t take into account the needs and value of the individual. Sure, Jethro’s original advice to Moses mentioned not wearing people out, but the focus of the system is on the benefits it provides to management/leaders and on getting theContinue Reading

Jethro I

Several years ago, as I was just getting into ministry, I became enamored with the idea of small groups. Initially because it was different than traditional (that’s been a theme with me), then because I was hired to manage small groups for a church. I’ll work small groups in later in our organization discussion butContinue Reading

Leadership and Organization

I’m attracted to church leadership and organization like a moth is drawn to flame. I know some people find it terribly boring, but I find it completely fascinating. I get enchanted just looking at it. The similarities with fire are almost scary. It moves and changes, comes in all different sizes, shapes, and colors. ItContinue Reading

Leadership Magazine

I’m a junkie for a few things and get pretty excited when the newest and latest edition comes along. Apple operating systems are high on the list of thing that get me wired, but so are things like new Nooma videos, books by Leonard Sweet, and my magazines. I currently receive three magazines that IContinue Reading

Bringing the Good News

As any of you who’ve taken just a bit of Greek or has listened to a preacher who has tried to use it, you’ll know that we get the English word "evangelism" from the Greek word "euangelizo".  This is a compound word in Greek, formed by the prefix "eu", which means good or excellent, andContinue Reading

Evangelism – Why?

I’m reading a new book from Group Publishing on outreach entitled "Irresistible Evangelism" by Sjogren, Ping, and Pollack.  I’ve just started it, but am really excited about the content so far.  The opening chapter asks the same question I wanted to start with in today’s post on evangelism.  Why do it?   I think thisContinue Reading

Outreach Ministry – Part 2

My first experiences in outreach were of trying to uphold the established tradition of congregational evangelism.  I’m sure we’re all pretty familiar with the guilt ridden response to sermons that make us question our commitment to Christ.  Those sermons are good for getting us to want to baptize our co-workers or give money to orphanages. Continue Reading