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The Dual Concern Model, Part 3

The graph above demonstrates the proposal made by Blake and Mouton regarding the concern for people vs. the concern for production. In their original publication, they added grid lines for both axes numbering 1 through 9. This was to facilitate the understanding that there were various places on the Managerial Grid that people could fall. In their book they mention that 9 grid lines gives you a possible 81 different points to plot on the grid. In actuality, there are nearly infinite combinations between levels of concern for both people and production.

What Blake and Mouton found, though, was that even though there were nearly infinite possible distributions along these axes, the ranges near the corners of the grid in addition to the mid-point on the grid revealed five general categories that people will typically fall into. Since Blake and Mouton focused on management in their work, their descriptions are similarly managerial focused. I’ve reproduced their grid interpretations in the chart below.

What I find fascinating about the grid as proposed by Blake and Mouton is they way they carefully described the less desirable manifestations in a way that minimized negative language. It’s pretty clear that a managerial style that is concerned for neither people nor production will not produce favorable results. In the same way, focusing concerns on only people or production will produce limited results.

In a setting like a church, where the lines between people and production sometimes blur, how do we see evidence of Blake and Mouton’s dual concern model?

The Dual Concern Model, Part 2

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Because The Cross Was Made Of Dogwood – Thoughts On Evangelism, Part 7

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Because The Cross Was Made Of Dogwood – Thoughts On Evangelism, Part 6

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Because The Cross Was Made Of Dogwood – Thoughts On Evangelism, Part 5

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Moments of Redemption

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The redemption of hugging

The redemption of hugging

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Filled With The Spirit

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Redeeming Christianity

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