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Post Modern Delay

Thursday and Friday were crazy busy for me, so I was unable to get to part four on postmodernism.  For a postmodern, it wouldn’t matter much.  For all my modernist readers, however, the unexpected change could cause some internal tension.

Part of the delay was in the changes we’ve made in our auditorium this week.  We’ve made two MAJOR upgrades.  First was a radio frequency assistive listening system for our folks that don’t hear so well.  The second was a motorized drop down screen for our projection system.  A few months ago we replaced our projector with a super-cool 5000 lumen projector.  It only made sense to replace our aging screen with a new one.

No offense meant in any way to my beloved friend Randy, who installed the first screen, but it was sort of an awkward network of ropes and pulleys that raised the screen from the base of the baptistery upwards.  The new one is sleek and out of the way.  Better yet, we can access the baptistery without having to man the pulleys.

In case any of you are in the market for any audio/visual equipment for auditoriums, I highly recommend my friend Ben Mankin of Mankin Media.  We went to middle school together in Abilene.  Tell him I sent you.


Everyone Else is So Liberal

I’ve told you before about reading things that others of my general circle of interpretation would consider "legalistic".  Imagine my horror when Randy came in and found me reading Spiritual Sword.  One of my friends (sorry, I can’t remember who) used to end their email with the signature block that said, "I never learned anythingContinue Reading

Honored Through Merging Worlds

When two different sphere of a person’s life come together it can sometimes lead to fairly awkward situations.  There was this one time when my wife and I drove across the country to attend her mother’s wedding and it turned out that the sister of the guy she was marrying was the mother of oneContinue Reading