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Who Owns a Church, Addendum

This isn’t really a part of the series, but I had an “a-ha” moment when reading Hotchkiss’s article that had to do with decision making process and why popular vote is a bad way to go. We all know that there are times when tough decisions have to be made in church. As a leader,Continue Reading

Who Owns a Church, Part 4

Now, at this point the title of the series doesn’t exactly match, but since it’s a series I want to run with it. Regardless of who is supposed to make decisions or what group of people are given the responsibility for finalizing those decisions, something has to be said about HOW that group should functionContinue Reading

Who Owns a Church?

In the April 21st, 2008 edition of The Alban Institute’s weekly newsletter, Dan Hotchkiss asks the question “Who owns a congregation?” The answer seems simple. We all want to say something like “God” or “Jesus”, and from a theological perspective we would be right. But what about the way we act? How about the wayContinue Reading

Leadership Magazine

I’m a junkie for a few things and get pretty excited when the newest and latest edition comes along. Apple operating systems are high on the list of thing that get me wired, but so are things like new Nooma videos, books by Leonard Sweet, and my magazines. I currently receive three magazines that IContinue Reading

Evangelism – Why?

I’m reading a new book from Group Publishing on outreach entitled "Irresistible Evangelism" by Sjogren, Ping, and Pollack.  I’ve just started it, but am really excited about the content so far.  The opening chapter asks the same question I wanted to start with in today’s post on evangelism.  Why do it?   I think thisContinue Reading

Gospel According to Starbucks

[Dee Andrews has published an interview with me on her blog.  If you’re interested in learning about the inner-workings of Brad Palmore, check out]   The comforts of flying first class from Miami to Brazil made it easier for me to get some long overdue reading done.  I have a stack of about 30Continue Reading

Be careful what you share…

you never know where it will turn up. Advising you to watch what you share allows me the less bragging way of telling you that some comments I made about youth ministry turned up in the latest edition of Group Magazine (March/April 2007).  It was kind of surprising because they didn’t tell me it wouldContinue Reading

Everyone Else is So Liberal

I’ve told you before about reading things that others of my general circle of interpretation would consider "legalistic".  Imagine my horror when Randy came in and found me reading Spiritual Sword.  One of my friends (sorry, I can’t remember who) used to end their email with the signature block that said, "I never learned anythingContinue Reading

Reaching the Next Generation

I received my copy of Rev! magazine yesterday, and as usual I skimmed through it all on the first day.  I actually receive a bulk order of 8 copies because of my work with Group Publishing and their Church Volunteer Central workshops.  I strategically drop copies into the boxes of those who need them. ThereContinue Reading

Leadership Retreat

I depart today for an overnight retreat for the elders and ministers of our congregation.  It promises to be a great time, and the scheduled discussion should be both deep and meaningful.  Since I leave in about four hours, I’m going to keep this entry short and get on with other business, like taking myContinue Reading