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Back from Summer Camp

After starting this series on church organization, I mysteriously disappeared into the nether regions leaving you all hanging in suspense. After finishing my week at the residency session for the conflict program at Abilene Christian University, I flew back home on Saturday, mowed the lawn, did some laundry, got up Sunday and taught my class at church, drove to the airport in Detroit, picked up my kids and drove straight out to MCYC for Mike Allen week where I was a counselor for kids ages 6-9. After camp I came home, slept, wrote and preached a sermon on Romans 14-15, celebrated the 4th of July with my family, and got caught up on my online class I’m teaching for ACU’s conflict program. Now that I’m all settled from the last couple weeks, I’m ready to pick back up on the healthy systems series I’ve been working on.

I should get the next post up today. I look forward to your comments as we discuss some of these items.

Gift card or not to gift card?

I received my drop shipment of Teenage Christian magazine this week and was thumbing through it before I distributed it to the teens in my youth group.  In the magazine, which arrived after Christmas, was a list of Dos and Don’ts for Christmas giving.  One of the items listed was gift cards, and it wasContinue Reading

Let Yourself Go

The Christmas shopping is done.  I told my brother the other day that we were on a spending diet.  After several years of working retail and now living and observing Christmas in a more affluent area than I grew up in I am just tired of the commercialism.  Is there any Christmas spirit left anywhereContinue Reading

We were both runners.  She was a sprinter, I was a distance runner.  She ran away fast, but I followed.  Steady, easy paced.  There was a great distance between us at first, but I was persistent.  Every time she would stop to catch her breath, she’d turn and find me just a little behind her. Continue Reading

Share Your Christmas Greetings With Us!

You may notice the rather large recording box on the top (and bottom) of the sidebar.  It’s a new toy that Jim Martin pointed out to me that he is trying to put on his blog.  I’ve decided to use the new toy to help everyone spread Christmas cheer.  If you would like to leaveContinue Reading

Friday Audio Blog

I’ve done it again.  This time you’ll notice quite a few changes from the last audio blog.  Let me know what you think about this one, and be sure to comment on the question of the week. If you haven’t yet, vote for the movie you think our youth group should go see by viewingContinue Reading