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What in the World is Twitter

Alright, so I’m stealing this directly from my friend, Chris Gallagher, but it needed to be repeated. Several people have noticed that my Facebook status says “twitter” after it. At least I think it does, because I’ve seen it there and have had people ask, “What’s Twitter?” To explain what twitter is, check out thisContinue Reading

Now is the time to buy!

A friend of mine sent me a link regarding real estate in the area. Apparently there are some $1000 houses available right here in good ol’ Flint, USA. Act now, and you, too, could begin building a real estate empire!

Special Package – Exciting News

I mentioned in a previous post that the day after Christmas I received a very exciting package. I also built a trivial amount of suspense in saying you’d have to wait until Monday to find out what it was. Well, here it is: TheoBloggers is now an officially registered and certified trademark with the U.S.Continue Reading

Neither snow nor rain… whatever!

Today was sort of like having a second Christmas. We didn’t receive any new gifts or anything, but we did receive mail for the first time since four days before Christmas. It was filled with all kinds of letters and cards and other good things. In fact, a great majority of the Christmas correspondence weContinue Reading

Santa’s Little Helpers

Today was the first ever Santa’s Little Helpers at the Bristol Road Church of Christ, and although I’m very tired from the event I’m also so excited about it that I had to go ahead and blog about it. Before I tell you what Santa’s Little Helpers is (or SLH as my filing system hasContinue Reading

Happy Friday!

Okay, I’m writing this Wednesday night. But since I scheduled yesterday’s post on Wednesday, I felt I needed to schedule one for today. Otherwise, with the rate I’ve been blogging, I’d leave my anniversary post up until some time in mid-February. Thinking about Friday, I do know a few things. First, we’re supposed to getContinue Reading

Anniversary Gift

As an anniversary gift to my wife, I’ll be spending the entire day today completely unplugged from technology. Well, technology developed after 1980 any way. No computer, no cell phone, no video games. Feel free to leave congrats for me or condolences for my wife, as you see fit. It’s only been 15 years, butContinue Reading

Another Worthless Blog Entry

Following the Sick Day blog, I had every intention of returning to the blogosphere with some profound bit of wisdom or insight. Since I don’t have either of those things handy, I’ll have to do a quick update to what’s going on. It’s taken me about a full week to catch up after being onContinue Reading

Sick Day

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Personally, it is one of the best we’ve had in recent memory. Grandma was at my mom’s house and my brother and sister and their spouses were all there as well. I don’t think anyone even disagreed with each other the whole time we were there. WhatContinue Reading


Big Bad Brad is now on vacation with his family. Enjoy the archives while I’m away. I’ll return to blogging the week after Thanksgiving.