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downhere in concert – May 10th

I’m very excited about the fact that we’ll be hosting a concert by the band downhere on May 10th. I’ve just received the following radio commercial that was produced by one of our church family members, so I had to blog about it. The concert is to support Michigan Christian Youth Camp and the Smile FM Christian radio station that will run the ad. Check out the ad below, and then check out the youtube video of downhere (it’s the best one I could find of their single “Here I Am”). You should also check out the downhere website.

You can buy tickets for the concert here.

Click the triangle to play the radio spot:

Out of gas…

I’m writing this blog entry because I’m stalling on getting into my grad school work. It happens to everyone, and is typically called “senioritis” in a setting where those in their last few months of an education program. The current class has had some additional technological and organization challenges that has made it more difficultContinue Reading

Parallels is… awesome!

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a Mac snob. I love Apple computers. I love the Apple Store, especially the one in Clarendon, VA where I would frequently browse after grabbing a cup of coffee at the nearby bookstore. A little sidebar about the coffee shop: it was a prime example of StarbucksContinue Reading


I may be getting a little personal here, but I’m a very mole-y person. I always have been. Lot of little brown spots adorn my otherwise perfect specimen of a human body (ha ha ha ha HAAAAA). As is customary to someone like myself, I had my annual full-body check by my dermatologist today toContinue Reading

I Hate White People

I really don’t, but I wanted something provocative as a title for my blog. Since you’re reading this, it seems to have worked. I’ve written about race once or twice before following the election of Barack Obama. I grew up in an environment [Please read environment as much bigger than immediate family. My parents wereContinue Reading

Smash and Grab

By now, many of you have heard about my little incident in Tulsa this week when my van was broken into. It wasn’t very much fun, and it made for a mentally frustrating day. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. None than I can really remember anyway. When I was in Jr. High, someoneContinue Reading

Site rebuild in process

It’s been a long time since I blogged, but I warned you about that a couple posts back. While I feel bad for not posting, there is a reason behind it. My personal web needs have outgrown the basic blog, so I’m in the process of redesigning and rebuilding my site. This will take aContinue Reading

Big News – Christian Blogger Awards

I’m very excited to be a part of something new that we’ll be doing at this year’s Tulsa Workshop. If you don’t know what the Tulsa Workshop is, click here for info. I recommend playing the video on the homepage, as it is quite informative. At any rate, there is little doubt that blogging hasContinue Reading

Google Apps

This is one of those dorky, techie driven blog entries which derives simply from my my interest in technology and my time spent working on some shiny new piece of fanciness. The coolness of what I’ve been playing with will be completely lost on many people, and for that I apologize. Thanks to a tipContinue Reading

Blogging Irregularity

Whenever I start getting emails from people asking me if I’m dead since I haven’t updated my blog in a week or more, I feel forced to log on and post some cleverly written reasoning for why I’ve been away, apologize, and then promise to do better. That is always easier when there is someContinue Reading