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Five Guys for Five Guys

I had the most incredible lunch two days ago.  But first, a bit of history…

A little more than 13 months ago, Randy walked into my office and said, "Have you had your daily allowance of grease yet?"  Thinking I hadn’t bathed well but not wanting to look suspicious, I made a trailing "Wha…?" sound with my eyes mostly squinted shut.  It was at this point that Randy asked me if I’d ever eaten at Five Guys, made a "you must be kidding" expression when I said "no", and invited me join him for lunch.  A couple wrong turns later (he’d only lived there for six years), and I was introduced to what is quite possibly the best burgers and fries I’ve ever had.

Fast forward several months, Randy has moved to the land where there is no Five Guys and I have been forced to find other people to share this experience with.  The search for new people has been very successful, and this week I’ve become a charter member of a new club: “Five Guys for Five Guys”.  Feelin’ a little weird talking about it since the last time I talked about starting a club with my friends I was in third grade and our purpose was to convince people that Santa Claus was real.

The time before last we went to Five Guys with four guys.  Someone made the comment that it would be cool to have  one more and thus have five guys.  Enter Allen, a very fun and friendly guy who has just moved to the area with his wife.  He’s not just a Cowboys fan, but also an Arkansas Razorback football fan (that’s easier to say when they’re ranked 13th in the nation and won their last game 63-7).  He came to our small group last week and it was just a couple minutes before someone yelled, “We’ve found our fifth guy!”

Now we’re back to Monday’s lunch, which was quite seriously the best time I’ve had with a group of people in a long time.  Here’s a bullet list without giving too many details:

  • Guy #4 taught us why it is funny to him when Americans say “payday”.
  • Guy #2 realized that skipping the fries and going for two small burgers was acceptable to the group.  Thank you, Guy #4, for your leadership in this area.
  • Guy #3 motioned for and received unanimous votes for the first “guy-law”, a strange amalgam of a funny commercial, the name of the restaurant, and a play on the words “by-law”.
  • Guy #5 got hit in the face with a quarter that was tossed from behind the counter.  This wouldn’t have been cool except that there was no damage done and he got a free burger coupon for it.  Guy #2 subsequently requested a roll of quarters be thrown at him.

(An alternate translation from a minority script has the roles of Guy #2 and Guy #3 switched.  Please treat this as you would any translation with multiple readings.)

We returned to the car in time to see our friendly neighborhood parking patrol slipping a $25 expired meter ticket under my windshield.  The mood immediately shifted, but it was really not that big of a deal.  I would have gladly paid $25 to be a part of something like what we had at lunch.  In fact, I’ve paid higher admission prices for less enjoyable things. 

So here’s the thing I’m thinking.  I’m a full time minister and would gladly pay $25 to be a part of this great time of bonding and fellowship.  What would our churches look like if we could have that same level of closeness run throughout all of our ministries and reach all of our members?  I’m not sure I have the capacity to dream big enough.