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Ahhhh… The Waltons…

A couple of days ago, while trying to convince myself to go ahead and go running despite the cold, I flipped through television channels and happened upon an episode of The Waltons.  I had never really watched that show, but remember when I was younger that my mom liked it and it was often viewedContinue Reading


Sunday was just one of those days where everything seemed to be just right.  You know those days where you wake up and you just feel good?  I’m not sure why, but I have this feeling/memory from when I was a kid that I always remember when mornings feel great.  All I know is thatContinue Reading

The Wheels on the Bus

I had the opportunity to go on a school field trip with my oldest son last night to the University of Maryland to watch the wrestling meet between Maryland and Navy.  The wrestling coach at the middle school spent four years in college wrestling with the coach for the Navy team, so the kids gotContinue Reading

Benefits of Being Multi-Cultural

I’ve said several times that my children will benefit from growing up in such a culturally diverse community.  In the last 24 hours I’ve received first hand benefits from being in such a place.   We made the drive up to Columbia, MD last night for their annual Christmas Eve service.  We were terribly late,Continue Reading

Let Yourself Go

The Christmas shopping is done.  I told my brother the other day that we were on a spending diet.  After several years of working retail and now living and observing Christmas in a more affluent area than I grew up in I am just tired of the commercialism.  Is there any Christmas spirit left anywhereContinue Reading

We were both runners.  She was a sprinter, I was a distance runner.  She ran away fast, but I followed.  Steady, easy paced.  There was a great distance between us at first, but I was persistent.  Every time she would stop to catch her breath, she’d turn and find me just a little behind her. Continue Reading


Happy Friday!  We’ve been planning on doing this blog for about three weeks, but we forgot until this morning.  Thankfully, Matthew has the ability to ad lib without a script.  I hope you all do great on your own spelling tests today!   Answer the question of the day by leaving a comment. [audio:]

Share Your Christmas Greetings With Us!

You may notice the rather large recording box on the top (and bottom) of the sidebar.  It’s a new toy that Jim Martin pointed out to me that he is trying to put on his blog.  I’ve decided to use the new toy to help everyone spread Christmas cheer.  If you would like to leaveContinue Reading

Friday Audio Blog

I’ve done it again.  This time you’ll notice quite a few changes from the last audio blog.  Let me know what you think about this one, and be sure to comment on the question of the week. If you haven’t yet, vote for the movie you think our youth group should go see by viewingContinue Reading

What difference does a million make?

In middle school I had a wonderful speech teacher who instructed me in the ways of debate, prose reading, and public speaking.  During our debate training, she used the question "Is a million a lot?" to help us expand our thinking.  The response she wanted was "It depends.  A million apples in one place wouldContinue Reading