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How Dads are Awesome

Last night I was helping Child2 with some algebra homework. I got a 33% in algebra in high school. I’ve been very open with my kids about this fact, about the fact that I’m not good at math, and about the fact that they have an aunt who is a mathematician that has offered to help with anything they may need. Perhaps proving that they are, indeed, my kids, they continue to come to me for help with their math homework.

After successfully assisting Child2 in solving his problem, I got to thinking about how I was even able to help in that scenario. Those thoughts led to this chart that I’ve created about how dads are so awesome. Enjoy!

Redeeming the Time…

The last several weeks have been crazy for us. Our third-born child turned 13 this week. My brother in law had surgery yesterday. The appelant brief in my niece’s custody hearing were filed. In just a few short weeks, our oldest graduates high school. In Michigan that means that you have to throw an ‘openContinue Reading

I know how this guy feels!

Seeing as how this is the view out my back door today: I totally know how this guy feels: Somebody get me a burger!

Moments of Redemption

Occasionally we are blessed to capture glimpses of redemption in the midst of our busy lives. Redemption is a process of the old and worn being reclaimed for a higher purpose, but every now and then there are moments when time seems to stop for just a second and the process of redemption reveals itsContinue Reading

The redemption of hugging

The redemption of hugging

A few days ago I blogged about an incredible revelation I had while walking my dog. That post was one of my most popular ever! Thanks for the great feedback! I’ve been trying the Sadie Experiment for about a week now, and I already have some observable outcomes to report on. First, just like Sadie,Continue Reading

Back from Summer Camp

After starting this series on church organization, I mysteriously disappeared into the nether regions leaving you all hanging in suspense. After finishing my week at the residency session for the conflict program at Abilene Christian University, I flew back home on Saturday, mowed the lawn, did some laundry, got up Sunday and taught my classContinue Reading

Things that make today great

I figured I’d just start off by listing some things I’m really excited about.  These are ways that God is blessing our lives that have me all full of joy today. God is sending us workers for Arlington Church of Christ!  Attendances is up 33% from a year ago and is at 7 year high! Continue Reading

Thursday Info

My family starts to arrive today from various points in the U.S.  We seem to be having a little get-together for mother’s day.  My sister and brother and his wife arrive today.   We’ll do the D.C. tour thing tomorrow.  Tomorrow night my mom and step-dad arrive.  I’m looking forward to the weekend with themContinue Reading

Early to bed, early to rise…

It’s not even 6:00 yet and I’m wide awake and blogging.  You must understand that I pride myself on my ability to sleep.  I love to sleep.  For the last couple of days, though, I’ve been unable to sleep like I desperately want to.   Part of my inability to sleep may be caused byContinue Reading

Snow Day!

Sunday was a hard call to make.  At 6:00 a.m. our lot, streets, and sidewalks were fine.  At 7:00 they were as well.  At 7:30, I went in to make the coffee like I always do on Sunday morning.  When I came back out at a little before 8:00, the conditions had rapidly deteriorated.  IContinue Reading