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Gospel According to Starbucks: Connective

This is the last post in a four part series on Leonard Sweet’s new book "The Gospel According to Starbucks".  As a quick reminder, Sweet uses the acronym EPIC to describe what makes Starbucks so successful and to illustrate what our churches should strive for.  EPIC stands for Experiential, Participatory, Image-rich, and Connective.  Today’s topicContinue Reading

Gospel According to Starbucks: Image-Rich

I started to write a response to James regarding his request for a definition of postmodern.  As I did, I realized that I had not only written a full post in the midst of a discussion on Sweet’s new book but I had really tapped into a series of posts.  I can’t stand long postsContinue Reading

Gospel According to Starbucks: Experiential

To help you understand what Sweet is talking about when he refers to "Experiential", I’ll insert a quote from his new book, The Gospel According to Starbucks. You don’t stand in line just for coffee. A cup of coffee fetches such a high price because people aren’t buying a cup of coffee.  They are buyingContinue Reading

Gospel According to Starbucks

[Dee Andrews has published an interview with me on her blog.  If you’re interested in learning about the inner-workings of Brad Palmore, check out]   The comforts of flying first class from Miami to Brazil made it easier for me to get some long overdue reading done.  I have a stack of about 30Continue Reading

Day 7 – On the way home

I didn’t actually write this today.  I wrote it yesterday and scheduled it to post today so that I could sleep in, pack my bags, and head to the airport without having to worry with the internet.  Please pray for a safe trip for me back to the states. While you’re at it, please prayContinue Reading

Day 5 and 6

Day 5 fell on Sunday, and I was asked to preach for the morning and evening services.  Fortunately, they are considered the same service, only done twice.  That way I was able to preach the same sermon twice.  There’s something odd about that, though.  The second time through the sermon feel less like preaching andContinue Reading

Just for fun… a day 4 addendum.

The coffee in Brazil is incredible!  I love it.  It’s funny, though, because they drink the coffee here in little, bitty plastic cups.  They are slightly larger than your typical communion cup.  They have one or two, then move on.  All of the restaurants and grocery stores have coffee set up with little cups forContinue Reading

Day 2, 3, and 4

I’ve been quite busy the last few days and haven’t had time to post.  Things are going very well.  I’ve been very well received since my arrival, and the church leaders and members have been very appreciative of my work.  We started with a meeting with the elders on Thursday.   After five hours weContinue Reading

Brazil, Day 1

I arrived in Belo Horizonte yesterday at about noon.  We’re two hours ahead here than Eastern U.S. time (until Sunday), so the difference isn’t too bad.  It is odd being ahead of time, however, when I’m used to traveling and gaining hours as I cross time zones instead of loosing them. My initial impressions wereContinue Reading

Reaching the Next Generation

I received my copy of Rev! magazine yesterday, and as usual I skimmed through it all on the first day.  I actually receive a bulk order of 8 copies because of my work with Group Publishing and their Church Volunteer Central workshops.  I strategically drop copies into the boxes of those who need them. ThereContinue Reading