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Who Owns a Church?

In the April 21st, 2008 edition of The Alban Institute’s weekly newsletter, Dan Hotchkiss asks the question “Who owns a congregation?” The answer seems simple. We all want to say something like “God” or “Jesus”, and from a theological perspective we would be right. But what about the way we act? How about the wayContinue Reading

Leadership Magazine

I’m a junkie for a few things and get pretty excited when the newest and latest edition comes along. Apple operating systems are high on the list of thing that get me wired, but so are things like new Nooma videos, books by Leonard Sweet, and my magazines. I currently receive three magazines that IContinue Reading

Bringing the Good News

As any of you who’ve taken just a bit of Greek or has listened to a preacher who has tried to use it, you’ll know that we get the English word "evangelism" from the Greek word "euangelizo".  This is a compound word in Greek, formed by the prefix "eu", which means good or excellent, andContinue Reading

Outreach Ministry – Part 2

My first experiences in outreach were of trying to uphold the established tradition of congregational evangelism.  I’m sure we’re all pretty familiar with the guilt ridden response to sermons that make us question our commitment to Christ.  Those sermons are good for getting us to want to baptize our co-workers or give money to orphanages. Continue Reading

Outreach Ministry – Part 1

My first full time ministry position was an Involvement and Outreach position.  It was my job to catch ’em and keep ’em.  There are new concepts that describe the position in a way that is supposed to be "seeker" sensative, that meaning that they won’t offend the non-Christian person you are supposed to work with. Continue Reading