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Audioblog – Career Day!

I had a shadow yesterday.  Winston from our youth group decided to follow me around to see what a day in the life of Brad is all about.  To mark such a special occasion, I had him record an audioblog with me.  Enjoy, and be sure to answer his tag question in the comments.

Either above or below this post is my recommended reading list for postmodernism.  Check it out and add your recommended books in the comments section. 


The Power of Forgiveness

Click the triangle to play.  [audio:]

How Do You Decide?

[audio:] You can visit the post at Dee’s site that I reference by clicking here. 


Happy Friday!  We’ve been planning on doing this blog for about three weeks, but we forgot until this morning.  Thankfully, Matthew has the ability to ad lib without a script.  I hope you all do great on your own spelling tests today!   Answer the question of the day by leaving a comment. [audio:]

Share Your Christmas Greetings With Us!

You may notice the rather large recording box on the top (and bottom) of the sidebar.  It’s a new toy that Jim Martin pointed out to me that he is trying to put on his blog.  I’ve decided to use the new toy to help everyone spread Christmas cheer.  If you would like to leaveContinue Reading

Friday Audio Blog

I’ve done it again.  This time you’ll notice quite a few changes from the last audio blog.  Let me know what you think about this one, and be sure to comment on the question of the week. If you haven’t yet, vote for the movie you think our youth group should go see by viewingContinue Reading