About Me

What do you see in this image below?


This is the image that you will find in the header of my blog. Is it a calm ocean covered in fog intermittently broken by the tops of  shoreline rocks? Is it perhaps the top of a mountain range, above the cloud line, and what you see are the tops of the mountains perforating the calm cloud bank? Perhaps a more important question is ‘what is beneath the cloud’. If it is a body of water, the surface should appear mere inches beneath the cloud cover, and a misstep would result in an untimely bath. If a mountain range, however, that same misstep could result in a fall of several thousand feet, and probably severe injury if not death.

This image rests at the top of my blog because it defines the way I look at reality. A question I’m constantly asking myself is ‘What lies beneath?” What is the invisible that we can’t see that so dramatically affects the visible that we can? I assume that everything I am presented with is the effect, and I want to know the cause. This applies to the way I approach people, churches, conflict, and even Bible study. The most powerful part of what we experience is the invisible beneath the surface. I want to find it, identify it, and thrive in it, and in a potentially paradoxical proclamation, to claim that my comprehension, foundation, and interaction with the world is based on what cannot be seen.

Brad Palmore has over twenty years in organizational leadership experience including the U.S. Army, retail management, full-time church ministry, and in the restaurant industry. Brad has spent the last decade helping churches in the U.S., Brazil, and El Salvador in the areas of growth, health, outreach, and organization. Brad holds a Bachelor of Ministry degree from Harding University and a Masters of Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation from Abilene Christian University. In addition to full-time ministry, Brad presents workshops on church conflict, trains students in mediation, and helps churches and ministers use technology effectively in ministry.

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