Principles for Leadership

A couple of years ago we went through the process of selecting new shepherds. The ensuing months were filled with the normal excitement and growth pains that come from changing church leadership. In that process, we all sat around and came up with a list of leadership principles for Bristol Road Church of Christ. These aren’t published anywhere, and outside the leadership we’ve only shared them with ministry leaders. I share them here for the benefit of any who find themselves in similar situations.

  1. Assume the best in others. Give others the benefit of the doubt.
  2. Communicate openly and with integrity.
  3. Function as a plurality of leaders.
  4. Be free to be members and ministry leaders yourselves.
  5. Practice humility and feel free to say “I’m wrong” when necessary.
  6. Lead with character that produces the fruit of the Spirit.
  7. Be quick to forgive.
  8. Jesus is the head of this leadership team. We should function from an awareness of self and team in relation to Christ.

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