Filled With The Spirit

I’m working on Sunday’s lesson as part of our Basic Christianity series. This week it is ‘Living By The Spirit’. Thanks to an exposure to a hilarious video that opened a 2006 worship conference, I am unable to think about The Spirit without thinking about being ‘Filled with the Spirit’. Watch and enjoy.

Now do the burning bush… now do the burning bush…

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  1. RandyWray says:

    First, let me say welcome back to the world of the blog or as we like to call it in the motherland el mundo del blog. Second, let me add my expressions of gratitude for your previous post (which in no way is permission for you to rub my belly). One of the realities I’ve observed in my own life is not reaching out to trusted friends in times of ministerial stress. I tend to keep it all pretty close to the vest (which covers the belly). This is not a good thing because you end up carrying it longer than you should. Third, how can you not smile with a video such as the one above. Certainly a man of your stature and prominence could work in “_______ falls down like the walls of Jericho” to your sermon notes? Hang in there my friend, still praying for you.

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