Back from Summer Camp

After starting this series on church organization, I mysteriously disappeared into the nether regions leaving you all hanging in suspense. After finishing my week at the residency session for the conflict program at Abilene Christian University, I flew back home on Saturday, mowed the lawn, did some laundry, got up Sunday and taught my class at church, drove to the airport in Detroit, picked up my kids and drove straight out to MCYC for Mike Allen week where I was a counselor for kids ages 6-9. After camp I came home, slept, wrote and preached a sermon on Romans 14-15, celebrated the 4th of July with my family, and got caught up on my online class I’m teaching for ACU’s conflict program. Now that I’m all settled from the last couple weeks, I’m ready to pick back up on the healthy systems series I’ve been working on.

I should get the next post up today. I look forward to your comments as we discuss some of these items.

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  1. Wondered if you’d ever get back to blogging.

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