Out of gas…

I’m writing this blog entry because I’m stalling on getting into my grad school work. It happens to everyone, and is typically called “senioritis” in a setting where those in their last few months of an education program. The current class has had some additional technological and organization challenges that has made it more difficult to bond with, but I should be able to over come that much easier than I am.

I have about two weeks left in this grad school course. Then I have a one week class on ACUs campus, then another 7 week class at the end of the summer. I also have to finish up my practicum, but that shouldn’t be too difficult. Basically, I’m looking at 10 weeks of classwork before I’m finished with my master’s degree in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation.

I just wish I could get going. Not sure what else to say about it. I’m just sort of out of gas.

3 Responses to Out of gas…

  1. Meowmix says:

    Hang in there. The end is in sight. You can do it.

  2. Greg England says:

    Been there. I just flat out ran out of gas pursuing a doctorate and never went back to finish up. Never regretted it, either except I would like for Randy to call me “Dr. England”!

  3. I’ve looked at the ACU conflict man. program. What can you say about it?

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