Parallels is… awesome!

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a Mac snob. I love Apple computers. I love the Apple Store, especially the one in Clarendon, VA where I would frequently browse after grabbing a cup of coffee at the nearby bookstore. A little sidebar about the coffee shop: it was a prime example of Starbucks overbuilding. The Starbucks in the bookstore was about 300 ft east of the Apple Store. There was another stand alone Starbucks 300 ft west of the Apple Store. Very strange.

After being a Mac user for 5 years and running only Apple software, my wife brought me a piece of software that she has to use for a class she’s taking and basically said, “Make this work.” I tried partitioning my hard drive with Boot Camp and installing Windows on the partition, but my files were a little full to make it work. On the recommendation of Randy Wray, I installed a demo of Parallels, and it was AMAZING!

Basically, it lets you run Windows as a program on the Mac OS. The coherence mode is fully integrated, making moving between Windows and Mac almost seamless.

Here’s a couple of screen shots to show off the program:

Start menu in the dock

Start menu in the dock

Windows control panel over Mac Finder

Windows control panel over Mac Finder

3 Responses to Parallels is… awesome!

  1. Tim Archer says:

    You mean I need to give Parallels another try. I’ve got Crossover, which is appealing to me. I tried the VMWare emulator. Right now I hardly ever need Windoze, but I might have to look again.
    Grace and peace,
    Tim Archer

  2. brian says:

    aahhh, tis the season of Love…

  3. Liam Byrnes says:

    HI Brad, Was wondering, do you still use parallels? Would you recommend it still? Im considering it, but ironically mainly for the blogging software which isnt working (for the second site right now anyway!) Windows live writer, do you use ecto or something on your mac?

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