Smash and Grab

By now, many of you have heard about my little incident in Tulsa this week when my van was broken into. It wasn’t very much fun, and it made for a mentally frustrating day. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. None than I can really remember anyway. When I was in Jr. High, someone got into my locker and stole my calculator and some highlighters that belonged to my dad. That really hurt because my dad had loaned the highlighters to me so I could work on a sermon I was preparing for a trip to Phoenix, AZ with the youth group at Hillcrest Church of Christ in Abilene, TX. My dad was in grad school after losing his job with Wal-Mart, and money was really, really tight. The highlighters weren’t just highlighters, they were something dad needed and had sacrificed to get.

In Columbia, MD we left our van unlocked one night. When we got in the van the next morning, we noticed our cassette case was filled with snow and the cassettes were all out of order. I thought someone had played a joke on us, but later found out that a neighbor had found the case outside in the snow when he was walking around. When he picked up the tapes and found Church of Christ sermons, recordings of Jimmy Allen’s class on Romans, and Acapella Conquerors, he knew they must have been ours. I suppose someone found their way into the van, noticed what they had, and dumped them on the ground. Whew! That was a close call.

img_0502When I came out to the car Friday morning, I could tell something was amiss before I opened the back of the van. We had just commented on how we needed to organize things, but we hadn’t left them as scrambled as I found them. Peering through the back end, I could see the passenger side window was broken in. There was so much glass! I was really surprised at how much glass there was. We cleaned it out as best we could, and the guy at the hotel desk put a box over the window for us. There was a big storm coming, so that was really handy.

In fact, let me compliment the hotel staff for a moment. We moved to the Quality Suites on 31st and Memorial because of a img_0501computer error at the Comfort Suites we had originally booked at. The staff was great the whole time we were there. When the employees found out about the window, they contacted the police for me and then escorted the police to the car. They covered my window to keep the rain out, and for the most part it did. They then when inside to call every glass shop nearby to find the cheapest price and quickest turnaround time. My insurance company ended up taking care of this for me, but it was an incredible service on their part that they didn’t have to offer.

I’ll definitely stay at the hotel in the future, but I’ll be sure and park by the front door next time.

2 Responses to Smash and Grab

  1. Greg England says:

    I’ve had that a time or two and it’s the feeling of something of “mine” being violated that gets to me the most. Then there is just the sheer inconvenience of it all. Sorry you had to deal with all of this.

  2. Meowmix says:

    What a rotten thing to happen. But kudos to the hotel staff for their caring and helpfulness. I’ve experienced something similar only one time. I remember a feeling of disbelief and there must be some mistake!

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