Google Apps

This is one of those dorky, techie driven blog entries which derives simply from my my interest in technology and my time spent working on some shiny new piece of fanciness. The coolness of what I’ve been playing with will be completely lost on many people, and for that I apologize.

Thanks to a tip and some interest from Liam Brynes, my blogging friend from across the big pond, we have figured out how to install Google Apps onto domains that we host at TheoBloggers. For people familiar with Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, and others, we can now incorporate those services into domains that are hosted at TheoBloggers.

If you’re not familiar with these tools, check out Google Apps. If you’re a TheoBloggers site, let me know if you want the apps installed to your domains and we can work on it.

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  1. Liam Byrnes says:

    Not lost on me, Its great!…though everyone of my friends Ive tried to excitedly explain it to have given me ‘the look’. Thanks for all your work to get this going, I am enjoying it. Even the custom logo (replacing the Google Apps) brings me pleasure!

    Your new theme looks alot like a popular tumblr theme? Do you know if tumblr is an installable system or is it always hosted by the six apart guys?

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