Morals, Ethics, and Societal Norms

I’ve started another grad school class: Ethics in Conflict Resolution. It actually started last week, but I didn’t get my books until today (Monday). Since all of my first week’s assignments are due by 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, I’ll be up for awhile. I’m supposed to get some leniency because my books didn’t arrive and it wasn’t my fault, but I’ve always hated special treatment and would rather just get it over with. Besides, some are team assignments, so I have other people relying on me.

The good news is that I’m already one week into an eight week class that I haven’t started yet. That means I’m actually only seven weeks away from finishing it, which means in theory I’m really closer to being finished than those who started on time. Mind boggling…

In the spirit of ethics, I’ll leave you with a quote from Billy Madison (which I do not recommend you see. Since I’ve seen it, however, I’ll try to redeem some value from the experience). In the scene, Billy is in a quiz bowl like contest with the guy who is trying to steal the family business away from him. Mr. Madison has just answered incorrectly and stands to loose the contest if Mr. Gordon answers correctly.

Moderator: Mr. Gordon, it is your turn. Mr. Madison, please choose a category.

Billy Madison: I choose Business Ethics.

Moderator: Mr Gordon. The American business environment has fundamentally changed following the insider trading and savings and loan scandals. Explain business ethics, and how they are applied today.

Mr. Gordon: The, uh, ethics of, uh business… can be summarized in… yeah, um… see… ethics are, uh… you know the, the thing about ethics… Aagh! That question isn’t fair! It wasn’t in the reading!

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  1. Randy says:

    Hello? That’s exactly what you should say when asked any question in class!

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