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I’m a junkie for a few things and get pretty excited when the newest and latest edition comes along. Apple operating systems are high on the list of thing that get me wired, but so are things like new Nooma videos, books by Leonard Sweet, and my magazines.

I currently receive three magazines that I really enjoy. Biblical Archeology Review, which thankfully has had a face lift in the last few years to make it readable again and less of a gossip rag, Rev! Magazine by Group Publishing, and Leadership Journal. Who wouldn’t like a magazine like Leadership with a tagline of “Real Ministry in a Complex World”?

About a week ago I got the latest copy of Leadership, and it unfortunately got shuffled under a stack of papers and lost at the house. When the kids get the mail they look for Netflix first and everything else is junk mail (gratuitous reference to my mother’s grandchildren). When I found the magazine this morning I brought it to the office so I can read it.

So why blog about a magazine I haven’t read yet? Take a look at the cover articles and a few from the table of contents:

  • New Ways Teams Lead: Leading isn’t a one person job. Here’s how it’s getting done today.
  • Next & Level: This church opts out of top-down leadership
  • 3 Biblical Roles Leaders Overlook
  • Five Ministry Team Dysfunctions
  • Walking in Step: Elders and Ministers can lead together if they share four priorities
  • And there are others. While your response may be different, these title really excite me. Part of me is afraid to read the articles because the titles are so exciting that I don’t want to be let down. I’ll let you know how the turn out.

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  1. I want a copy of that magazine!! And by the way, I just ordered the complete (thus far) Nooma set for our Wednesday evenings! Great stuff.

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