Random Encounters

My connections with TheoBloggers, the co. that hosts this blog and several others, puts me in contact with really interesting people around the world.  People I am sure that I would never have come in contact with had I not been a part of the blogging world.  

As such, I’d like to welcome Patrick Mead to the world of TheoBloggers.  Patrick currently has two blogs that he is running.  The first, PatrickMead, can be found at www.patrickmead.net.  The second, Tent Pegs, can be found at www.patrickmead.net/tentpegs.  You’ll also find the links to these sites in the sidebar panel under TheoBloggers.

I had a brief phone conversation with Patrick last night and he was talking to me about their church’s strategy of multi-siting their church services instead of building a new building.  This is a very effective strategy that several churches have used successfully in some unlikely locations.  One of the benefits of this approach is it forces you to be creative in what you consider to be a "site" for your church.  Sometimes it’s a coffee shop, sometimes it a warehouse.  Depending on the technology you use, you may just need a internet connection and a computer.  

One of the fascinating ministries of the Rochester Church of Christ, where Patrick Mead is a minister, is the Christian Tattoo shop.  I LOVE IT!  It is called Sacred Ink, and you can see more on them at their blogspot blog: www.sacredink.blogspot.com.  I love the honesty and openness about the site.  I love the fresh approach at reaching people that are typically outside the realm of those we feel comfortable with.

Spend some time checking out these sites.  Drop some welcome notes to Patrick and some notes of encouragement for Sacred Ink. 

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