Majoring in the Minors


This is one of my all time favorite images. I first saw it about 12 years ago when I attended a lecture on using powerpoint in ministry. This was a sample image that was presented on how pictures can make a point so much better than words at times. I know the image speaks for itself, but when you consider the type of work that a bullfighter should be about it becomes very hilarious.

Now, I imagine there are some good reasons for the bullfighter to be waving his cape at the chicken, and I’m sure that at the time it made a lot of sense for this bullfighter to engage in this kind of activity. But at the moment this picture was snapped, the bullfighter appears to making poor use of his resources.

Churches do this all the time. Frequently we don’t mean to, it just happens. Like the bullfighter, a stray issue or person comes shooting across our field and we respond. Once we get that chicken taken care of, another one comes running. Then another… and another… and another… and so on. Some churches never accomplish anything because they are so busy fighting chickens rather than bulls.

Bullfighters are equipped to fight bulls. Big, scary, strong animals with sharp horns on their heads. They’re not supposed to be fighting chickens. But how many church leaderships spend all their time fighting chickens when they’re equipped and called to handle the big, scary, strong issues instead?

Some day when I learn to use photoshop better, I’m going to shop a chicken into the middle of a heated elders meeting. That would be a fun graphic to use in the future.

The Burden of Vision

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I’m Not A Fish

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The Dual Concern Model, Part 3

The graph above demonstrates the proposal made by Blake and Mouton regarding the concern for people vs. the concern for production. In their original publication, they added grid lines for both axes numbering 1 through 9. This was to facilitate the understanding that there were various places on the Managerial Grid that people could fall.Continue Reading

The Dual Concern Model, Part 2

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The Dual Concern Model, Part 1

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Do You Care?

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NBC – No Body Cares

NBC – No Body Cares

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Information Bubble

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How Dads are Awesome

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